Indonesia is an archipelago country with massive resources on art and music talents that are yet to be discovered and seen by the International market. There are too few of Indonesian musicians, recording artists able to reach international scene and market significantly.

Archipelago International Music Expo or abbreviated with AIME, founded to help make that opportunity become reality for those that are seriously wanting to be in the business of music or creative industry.

AIME is inviting all that are serious in music and music industry to AIME as they're meeting point to meet with potential buyers, signers, fellow creative people, musicians, producers, online music stores and distributors, or basically the serious entities in the industry.

Come, register if you are online music stores, online music distributors, music software company, music instrument manufacturer, music school, music related industry businesses, etc. Let us make AIME as your meeting point in Indonesia, to be exact, on of the gorgeous exotic Islands in Southeast Maluku archipelago.

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